T H E   H O U S T O N   A R E A   G Y R O   C L U B
Chapter 62 of the Popular Rotorcraft Association
--- Houston 
Texas ---

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We currently do not offer training at our Club.

For a current list of instructors in your area, please visit the PRA website. http://www.pra.org

The Boom Trainer is pictured below.

Click on a picture to enlarge.

Click here to see the boom trainer fly (mpg movie; requires media player; opens new window/tab).

Click here to see a lawnmower do a loop (wmv movie; requires media player; opens new window/tab).

We suggest that our members get flight instruction from a Certified Flight Instructor. Instructors close to Houston can be found on our Links page.

Regardless of your previous flight experience, everyone needs Gyroplane ground and flight training in order to get a Solo Endorsement. The flight instructors will follow a Lesson Plan during your training, each instructor may use a unique Lesson Plan during your training.

Ron Menzie is the DE (Designated Examiner) for our Region and he is also a CFI and uses this Lesson Plan. 

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